Sunday Morning

During Sunday morning activities childcare is provided for children from birth through Pre-K. Our caregivers seek to make the most of every opportunity to show the children the love of Christ and point them to the knowledge of our Lord

Sunday School

Sunday school classes are provided for children ages 3 and up. The curriculum introduces children to biblical stories, concepts, and doctrine. Childcare is provided for children under 3.

Children’s Church

Children under 3 are welcome to stay in the nursery for continued play. Children ages 3-8 attend the first half of the main service with their parents. They are then excused to participate in Children’s Church.

Wednesday Evening

Our main activity for children in the middle of the week is AWANA. AWANA is a ministry that seeks to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The program is designed for children from preschool (3 years old) up to sixth grade and takes place between 6:45pm—8:15pm. AWANA is an acronym for “Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed” and is derived from 2 Timothy 2:15.

What are the groups for AWANA?

Cubbies (ages 3 through Kindergarten)
Sparks (1st through 3rd Grade)
T&T (4th through 6th Grade)

What is AWANA like?

It is a place that is fun and exciting; games are played; songs are sung; Bible verses are memorized; and children are trained to love and serve God and their neighbors. We are anticipating a fantastic year! We would love for your child to join us in the fun!

Nerf War

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